Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I won 3rd row concert tickets to see tobyMac. I had entered all the radio contests I could to win these tickets, in hopes of having a great concert experience with Jeff. What I didn't expect is that Jaden would become such a huge tobyMac fan so when we won 2 tickets, of course I had to take my 7-year old!!

What an amazing concert. It was such high energy, punk, hip-hop, Christmas songs, you name it, all dedicated to Jesus. My goal of the night was for Jaden to see that men could be really cool, sing really great songs, do really awesome dance moves, and still be total Jesus Freaks. Glory was given to God all night long and I really wanted Jaden to see that. And it filled me with Joy that this is exactly what Jaden saw.

My favorite part of the night is when a Charlie Brown clip came on the screen and it was Linus talking about the true meaning of Christmas. Then tobyMac sang "City on our Knees" with footage of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina on the screen. And the message was not condemnation ("Look what God did to these cities"), but of hope, and the stories of love, courage and compassion that emerged from those tragedies. I couldn't help but cry but was also filled with hope that if we stand together, we can change the world. We can stand together as Christians, as Jesus Freaks if you will, and pray that God lifts us up as a city, country, and world under Him.

So today, my goal is to live as a Jesus Freak. To proudly and boldly proclaim the love of Jesus Christ and the hope we have in Him. In doing so, I will strive to be humble and loving, looking for every opportunity to show God's love for His children.

And I thank God for great role models such as tobyMac, the Diverse City band, Stephanie Smith, b. Reith, and Relient.K. These talented musicians were all immensely gifted but all praised God and sought to glorify Him. We need more role models like these for our kids!

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