Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm sponsoring a child!

My online friend, Rachel Olsen, had a challenge on her blog to visit Compassion International and pray for one of the children in need of a sponsor. I visited the site and viewed the children in Nicaragua who were in need of sponsorship. I selected Nicaragua because I have actually been there, 3 years ago. The sights of poverty are still with me but I had neglected to keep these families in my prayers. I selected an 8-year old boy and had been praying for him the past two days. During a time of meditation this morning, I felt like God placed it on my heart to sponsor him. It was easy to argue "But, Lord, money is so tight right now!" but then I was gently reminded that the money is God's, not mine, and he has always provided for us in the past and now it is our turn to let God work through us to help provide for another family in need.

Sponsorship of a child is only $38/month. You can select the age, boy or girl, what country the child is from, and can even pick a child based on their birthday (in honor of somebody else, for example). Once I have more information about Jonh, I will happily post some pictures.

I don't count on anyone reading my blog, but maybe somebody else will be led to sponsor a child in need as well :)

In Him,

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