Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Last Few Months

Somehow, I allowed life to get really hectic the last few months. September and October are kind of a blur, and here it is almost Thanksgiving and I feel like I finally have some time to wind down, catch up, and remember what our family has accomplished.

I'm a 3rd year veterinary student at U.C. Davis now, and this year we start doing our surgeries. My first surgery was to neuter a cute little puppy named Grizzly.

(that's me in the center holding Grizzly with my awesome surgery partners, Kari & Maryam)
Grizzly was from a shelter and I have heard that he was adopted after surgery :)

My 7-year old son, Jaden, is now playing hockey!!

(Jaden holding his 1st medal for his team finishing 4th place in a tournament that only had 4 teams :D)

I have a position at school in which I attend conferences throughout the year with most of the expenses paid for. Our most recent meeting was in Newport Beach and Jeff was able to come along. Unfortunately, I had been sick as a dog so was not able to enjoy the luxurious room, the beautiful pool, or the really expensive seafood dinner we were treated to, but Jeff still took some pictures. I still was so glad that he was able to come with me.

Our beautiful room

The view from our private patio

Me in front of some of the big fancy yachts docked next to our hotel, clutching tightly to my Diet 7-up that helped ward off the nausea...

Our 4-year old, Colten, is doing so great. He has adapted to life as a hockey sibling.

Colten showing what the back of my car looks like as we travel to hockey games, filled with equipment, food, and blankets.

He has been a real trooper about getting up early (still in his jammies) as we travel...

...while Jaden chooses to catch up on his sleep :D

Sometimes Colten hides when I pull out the camera....

..but then sometimes he takes the camera out himself!!

I usually don't see these until I upload pictures, apparently I need to keep a better eye on my child!

Jeff still continues to be my hero: taking care of the boys, taking care of me, opening all the jars that I can't, helping out people in need, and just being an all around great guy. I thank the Lord every night for my husband and pray for me to be the wife that Jeff needs me to be and that God wants me to be!

So that's what we've been up to!! We've also received some really great news! Our oldest son, Drew, proposed to his wonderful girlfriend, our daughter and her husband are expecting their first child (I'm married to a GRANDPA), and a niece and nephew both announced engagements this week. We'll be celebrating my mother-in-law's 75th birthday this weekend and both the boys and I are out of school next week. Life is great!

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