Saturday, November 28, 2009

Totally Bizarre Dream.....

Our family had a crazy hockey weekend in San Jose and I had to work tonight, so Jeff was kind enough to let me take a nap. Our room was clean, warm, cozy and smelled quite nice thanks to the cinnamon-scented pine cones Jeff brought home recently. We had a great, exhausting weekend and I was looking forward to a couple of hours of rest.

My dream started off innocently enough. I was at work (nurse at the vet school) when I realized I had a lot of old syringes in my pocket. I went looking for a sharps container to dispose of them in and went outside into a woodsy, forested area that was along a hillside. I found a sharps container and off the path noticed an old radio that was on but no one was paying attention to it. The news on the radio sounded very urgent, like we were under attack or there was a war about to start, so I started walking towards it.

As I walked to the radio to listen to what was going on, I looked up and saw a huge, strange looking plane. I looked to the direction where the plane had come from and saw that a large bomb-looking device attached to a parachute was floating down to the water below. I watched the thing drop, absolutely terrified, not knowing what would happen when it hit the water. Would there be an explosion? Was I close enough to just be disintegrated? Turns out there was a huge explosion when the bomb hit the water and I saw it come towards me but I wasn't directly affected. However, I knew that I had to grab my kids and head up the mountain we were on. For some reason, I knew that everyone would be running down the hill but we needed to go up, even though it meant we might get trampled going against the flow.

Flashing forward to the next scene in which can only happen in a dream, I was hiking up with mountain with both Jaden and Colten. Both boys were heroically carrying their personal belongings and trudging up the mountain as fast as they could, never stopping to complain. But as I looked at the boys and myself, I saw that we were changing. Our features were elongating and there were twigs growing out of my face.

Finally, Colten stopped, put down all his stuff and, and looking very dejected said "Mommy, I tuh-wing into a twee" and he was right. We were turning into trees and all three of us were terrified. I grabbed Colten and placed him in a nice, clear area that I thought would be appropriate for him to spend eternity as a tree. I then made Jaden put his stuff down. I got on my knees and wrapped my arms around the both of them as tightly as I could and said "If we're going to spend our eternity as trees, then this is how I want to be, holding onto the both of you". And the three of us were wrapped around each other as we started to root ourselves into the ground and turn into trees.

I woke up from this dream absolutely terrified. The dream was so realistic, right down to Colten's speech and the scared looks on my kids' faces. I had no idea where Jeff was or what I could do to save us. I never have these end of the world dreams but this really terrified me. I started thinking about our eternity, being in Heaven, being with those I love, and wishing I had Joseph around to tell me what this dream meant! When I woke up, I ran and hugged both of my boys as hard as I could and then told my dream to Jeff, which made me cry. It makes me cry just typing it out. It may mean nothing, but I can't shake the feeling that there was some sort of eternal message.

I read my Bible every morning. I make an effort to consult God's will in every decision I make. I spend my day in constant prayer. I listen to praise music at every opportunity. I try and teach my children about the love and grace of God as well as to be thankful for all we have blessed with as well as to pray for others. I don't fear eternity for myself (not in an arrogant sort of way, but knowing that if I obey the Word of God, he has promised eternal life), but I am terrified of spending it without those I love. I have a list of people I pray for every single night, family members and friends who have not accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. I pray that God will give me the wisdom, the words, the courage and the guidance to lead them to Christ. I fear saying the wrong thing that will drive them from Christianity but I know that we are called to create disciples.

Nobody reads these posts, I know that, but I wanted to document this dream and ponder it's significance, if there is any at all. Am I certain of my eternal salvation? What about my children? Where was Jeff? Why was I so scared? Why, did at no point in this dream, did I stop to pray? Where was everyone else? Can I spend eternity wrapped around my children? Are cinnamon-scented pine cones to blame for dreams of turning into trees???

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  1. I read your post today!

    Interesting dream. I have very vivid dreams and occasionally wake up afraid. I've had 2 dreams in my life, though, of end times. Both were so real that they've left me with a renewed desire to share the gospel.

    Thanks for sharing your dream. I'm praying for your family that you would be "like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers." (Psalm 1:3)