Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Husband, the Hero...

Last night, Jeff took Jaden to hockey practice. I was home sick, so Jeff also had Colten and a neighbor boy who wanted to watch Jaden play hockey. On the way home last night, Jeff made it back to West Sacramento, pulled off the freeway, and found himself stuck behind a stalled pick-up truck. The driver was waving people past and as Jeff pulled past the driver, he rolled down his window and asked the driver if she was okay and needed help. The driver said that she had run out of gas. There was a gas station around the corner and Jeff offered to push her truck. She agreed, and Jeff pushed her old pickup truck around the corner and rolled her safely into the gas station.

Once at the gas station, Jeff saw that the driver looked uncomfortable. Jeff then asked her if she had money to pay for gas and she said no. Jeff paid to fill up her tank and started talking to her. She also had 3 kids in the truck and mentioned that her husband had just been placed back in prison. She lived in a rough neighborhood in Sacramento and was in West Sac visiting her mom. Jeff told her about our church, Trinity Presbyterian, and encouraged her to come by if she needed support, food, or help of any kind. She was very grateful and said that she had been looking for something. Jeff talked to her kids, asked them how they liked school, and they all said they loved school. The mom was so appreciative and Jeff was very touched.

Afterward, Jeff felt bad that he didn't get her contact information or offer to buy dinner for the family. I pray for this family and hope that we'll see them at Trinity soon, or that they find a church home that will support and encourage this family in need. But I am really proud of Jeff for taking the time to help her. He took the time even though he himself had 3 kids in the truck and everyone was tired and wanting to go home. I am so thankful for Jeff's generous heart and pray that this is instilled in our own boys.

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